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Do These Chores Every Night to Make Your Mornings Easier

If you don’t have a nighttime cleaning routine, you need one. 

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Right after the arrival of my third child, I struggled with a messy home. It felt like all I did was clean, but my house never looked like it. 

I’d clean after every meal. Then I’d clean during nap time. Honestly, I was exhausted from cleaning. 

Cleaning At Night Changed Everything 

Our house went from staying cleaning for all of five minutes to staying cleaning for 7-9 hours. 

Yea, sure, we were all asleep so no one could make it messy again, but that wasn’t the point.

It mattered more to me that I WOKE UP to a clean home because it was a fresh start!

Imagine making breakfast without staring at yesterday’s dishes. Or enjoying dinner at the kitchen table without your elbow sticking to syrup that one of the kids spilled a few days ago. 

Resetting our home every single night made our mornings so much easier. And it helped me to stop cleaning from behind, too! 

Today, I want to share my nighttime cleaning routine with you! These are chores we don’t go to bed without doing — I say “we” it’s become a family affair. I get my husband and kids involved too!

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#1 empty the sink

You should always load the dishwasher after dinner, run the garbage disposal, and shine your kitchen sink with a little Dawn Powerwash and a good scrub brush.

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#2 sweep the floors 

Leaving crumbs on the floor overnight is another big no-no! Pull out a broom & dustpan if you’re old school, or use a cordless stick vacuum to get those crumbs up faster.

#3 wipe down surfaces

Once you’ve cleared off the countertops and kitchen table, make sure to wipe them down with a disinfect spray or all-purpose cleaner and with a microfiber cloth. You could also use Dawn’s Disinfectant Wipes if you’re in a hurry! 😉

#4 take out trash  

Never leave trash sitting out at night. It’ll attract all kinds of insects you don’t want hanging out in your kitchen and will make your house stink. If it’s not full enough to take to the dumpster, make sure your garbage can has a lid and use it!

#5 clear the entryway 

The last thing you need happening on a busy morning when you’re trying to run out of the door is trip over backpacks, coats, and shoes. Pick these up from off the floors at the end of every day and put them where they belong — don’t forget about your purses and keys too!

#6 sort mail and paperwork 

Between medical bills, junk mail, graded school papers, and coupons, paper clutter can build up fast! The best way to handle this is to tackle it as soon as it enters your home. You should be opening your mail and checking kids backpacks every night. 

The Best Part About Nighttime Cleaning 

Cleaning at night has easily become one of my favorite ways to wind down. If I manage to put the kids to bed a little earlier, I can get the house clean without any interruptions, pour myself a glass of wine, and then enjoy the results for a little while before heading to bed! 

It has been creating this nighttime routine that has led to us having a cleaner home with four boys under 12. Yes, it’s hard maintaining a home with kids, but it’s possible — you’ve got this, my friend! ❤️

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