What I Wash Everyday: Simple Laundry Routine For A Family of 6

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When you have a family, there is probably no chore worse than laundry — the piles are never-ending. 

Washing them is easy, but remembering to switch the load over to the dryer before it mildews, isn’t. 

Then, those piles of dirty laundry become piles of clean laundry sitting in hampers for days waiting to be put away. 

When does the cycle end? 

I was desperate for an answer so I started sifting through hundreds of articles on Google and spend long hours on YouTube hoping to find another mom who found a real-life solution to her laundry problems. 

I didn’t want hacks for getting rid of stains or achieving wrinkle-free clothes.

I wanted a routine to help me keep up with the piles of clothes, bedding, linen, towels, and rugs that needed to be washed every week.

I was already doing a random load of laundry a day, but I still kept falling behind, so I decided to take that approach and refine it some more.

I assigned everyone their own laundry day.

Since there are seven days in a week and we are a family of six, this idea was so simple I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

Plus, washing one or two extra loads didn’t make much of a difference to me.

I have specific days of the week for washing all the other stuff too so there’s no pile left behind.

We all have our own basket to keep things organized, and I even used a label maker for my kids so there is no confusion about who’s laundry I’m working on!

Focusing on doing one person’s laundry at a time has decreased my anxiety and increased my productivity — I’ve gotten much better at washing, drying, and folding same-day versus the 5-7 business days it used to take me! 😅

This is what our family’s laundry looks like…

SUNDAY – towels, rugs and runners

MONDAY – Child 1 clothes, sheets, and comforter

TUESDAY – Child 2 clothes, sheets, and comforter 

WEDNESDAY – Child 3 clothes, sheets, and comforter

THURSDAY – Daddy’s clothes 

FRIDAY – Child 4 clothes, sheets & comforter

SATURDAY – Mommy’s clothes, our bed sheets & comforter 

How to Simplify Your Laundry Life

I understand our weekly laundry routine isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If your family size is smaller, you can still take my No Pile Left Behind Method and assign a day for washing everything!

Here’s a quick example:

  • Sunday: clothes
  • Monday: sheets & comforters
  • Tuesday: bath towels
  • Wednesday: bath rugs & runners
  • Thursday: kitchen towels
  • Friday: clothes
  • Saturday: catch up

Just keep tweaking it until you’re happy with the routine you’ve got and you’ll never fall behind on laundry again! 😉

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