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7 Things I Do Every Sunday That Makes My Week Better

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I can’t tell you how many times other moms ask me “girl, how do you do it with four kids and a husband”

From the outside looking in, I can see how it seems like I never run out of dinner ideas, my house is always clean, and I have my life altogether — especially if you watch my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram

Yes, it’s true that I consider myself to be naturally organized, but I haven’t always been. And if I’m being transparent, I went through a season in my life where I felt overwhelmed just like you. 

I had dirty dishes in the sink for days, piles of laundry that I didn’t know were clean or dirty, and frequent panic attacks in the middle of grocery store aisles because I couldn’t figure out what to make for dinner. 

It was during this overwhelming season of my life and motherhood that I realized getting organized is the secret to staying sane!  

So from that point on, I became intentional about having systems and routines to create a better home life for my own sanity. And all I want to do with this blog, my YouTube channel, and personal brand is use it to inspire you to get from overwhelmed to organized too! 

Let me tell you something: there is no mom who has it all together. 

The moms who appear that they do aren’t superwomen, they’re super organized. So you should stop comparing yourself and instead, work towards becoming more organized too!

Let’s start with your weekend routine. 

7 Sunday Habits of An Organized Mom

Today, I’m sharing all of my Sunday habits. This is everything I do to get organized and prepare for the week ahead, so that I’m not winging it for dinner at the last minute or running late Monday morning! 


#1 Dump Dinner In The Crockpot 

I have a lot on my plate on Sundays so using my slow cooker has made my life easier — there’s nothing like being able to dump ingredients and go about your day! 

It took me a while to finally upgrade our crockpot because I didn’t see the purpose in owning two slow cookers, but boy, am I happy that I did! Now I recommend every busy mom have a programmable slow cooker so you can set it and forget it!

#2 Declutter Pantry + Fridge 

Right after I get dinner started, I begin cleaning out the pantry and fridge. I get rid of old leftovers and stale food to make room for fresh groceries. 


#3 Restock Groceries & Home Goods

Like most people, I like to restock the kitchen on Sundays, but I really hate grocery shopping. The long lines and messy shelves give me severe anxiety so I happily delegate this task.

I’ve been using Walmart’s online grocery service since before the pandemic and became a Walmart+ Member almost three years ago.

I can tell you, first hand, having free grocery delivery is so worth the investment! Most of the time, I order our groceries a day or two before I need them delivered. 

#4 Prep Meals Ahead 

From packing school lunches to organizing ingredients for dinner, getting into the habit of meal prepping on Sundays saves a ton of time. 

Sometimes I will chop produce that I need for a recipe in advance and store them in produce containers, or divide frozen meat into smaller freezer bags. 

#5 Update The Menu

I actually plan out our dinner menu before I grocery shop. I used to plan it week by week, but now I have an 8-week rotating menu, and I haven’t had to decide what to make for dinner since! 

But, all that dinner planning is pointless if you can’t remember what’s on your menu. You can use a printable planner like this one or store it digitally in your calendar. 

I keep our weekly menu on our chalkboard wall that I painted so everyone can see what’s for dinner. That was probably the best thing I could’ve done because nobody asks me what we’re having anymore! 


#6 Select School Outfits

I have to choose what my kids will wear to school every day, and that can be time-consuming, so I like to be a few days ahead so we’re not running late in the mornings. 

I pick out up to 3 outfits in advance per child. My oldest, though, is now at the age where he chooses his own outfits, so I don’t have to worry about picking his. 

#7 Speed Clean High Traffic Areas

I try my best not to go to bed with a dirty house because it makes our mornings easier when the house is clean. So every Sunday night, I make sure that these main areas get a quick tidy:

  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Living Room 
  • Entryway 

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Becoming an organized mom doesn’t happen overnight. 

It happens by becoming intentional a little more each day. I swear by every single habit I’ve listed above, but I don’t do it all myself!

Because if getting organized is the secret to staying sane, then the second secret is learning when and what to delegate. 

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