I’m a lover of Starbucks, watcher of Real Housewives, wine enthusiast, expert planner, and a Type-A perfectionist learning to find JOY in chaos.

My hope is to help get your life a little more organized to make your time in the kitchen a whole lot easier whether it’s from meal planning for the week, finding easy dinner ideas, or keeping your cooking zone clean and tidy.

I’m you’re newest go-to mommy friend inspiring you through the most stressful “what’s for dinner?” moments of your life.

In the kitchen is where recipes are tested, lessons are taught, and moments are treasured.

But a few years ago, I found myself struggling to juggle my home and life. I was winging it for dinner almost every night and we were spending way too much money on takeout and food would go bad before it got eaten.

This is what I learned:

Getting organized is the *secret* to staying sane!

Now I have an 8-week rotating menu in place and I never have to think about what’s for dinner again! My pantry also has a system and my kitchen is so much easier to cook in and maintain.

  • My favorite thing in the entire world is walking the aisles of Target and HomeGoods (I know, surprise, surprise)
  • I’m such a homebody that I look forward to online grocery shopping 😂
  • My girlfriends call me the next Martha Stewart for our Millennial generation.
  • My favorite season is FOOTBALL season!🤘
  • I started dating my husband in high school, now we have four boys and recently celebrated 10 years of marriage!!!
  • I was the only female in my house until we adopted my sweet cockapoo, Rainbow! (I’m still open to trying one more time for that girl, though.)

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