Finding Joy In Chaos

Hello & Welcome! I’m Danielle Skeaton, the writer behind this blog. I am a wife, boy mom, Starbucks addict, and Domestic Diva.

I am here to inspire you with quick wins and simple solutions for your home and family!

My hope is to help you save time, save stress, and get organized — whether it’s from menu planning for the week, sharing time-saving dinner ideas, or tips that’ll whip your messy house into shape.

Let’s get real:

Like you, I wear many hats.

I am the chef, cheerleader, teacher, nurse, chauffeur, maid, entertainer, counselor, personal shopper, referee, personal assistant, event planner…basically the CEO of my family.

But shortly after the arrival of my third child, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and lost complete control of my home and life.

This is what I learned:

Getting organized is the *secret* to staying sane!

Once I created better systems and routines, I went from feeling overwhelmed every day to finding JOY in the chaos.

  • My favorite thing in the entire world is walking the aisles of Target and HomeGoods (I know, surprise, surprise)
  • I’m an introvert, enneagram 2w1, and a homebody like no other.
  • My girlfriends say I am a Millennial Martha Stewart
  • My favorite season is FOOTBALL season!🤘
  • I married my high school sweetheart in 2012. We have four boys and a Cock-A-Poo.
  • I was the only female in my house until we adopted my sweet Rainbow! (I’m still open to trying one more time for that girl, though.)

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