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6 Creative Ways To Use Glass Storage Jars Around The House

Glass storage jars seem to be all that’s trending these days on Tiktok and Instagram, and for good reason! 

There are so many ways you can use them to get organized around the house and for home decor. And they’re not even as pricey as you may think which is a plus. 

You can find the most popular one-gallon jars for $10 each at Target. At Walmart, they are just under $9 for the same size. But I’d steer clear of buying them on Amazon because you’ll only end up paying a lot more.  

Here’s what to do with empty glass jars: 

Glass Jars for Laundry Room

You can put your laundry pods in there, soap powder, and scent booster beads. I’ve also seen people keep clothespins in their glass jars too. 

Glass Jars for Linen Closet

The best part about using glass jars is that they’re air-tight. This means ANYthing you want to store will stay nice and fresh! 

So if you want to remove all of your bar soaps from their original packaging and beautifully store them in a giant glass jar, you can! 

Glass Jars for Pantry Storage

The possibilities are endless here! From elbow noodles to oatmeal, you can put whatever you want inside. 

Glass Jars for Countertops

This is my favorite way to use glass storage jars because it makes countertop storage pretty AND practical! If you bake often, you can use your glass jars to store flour and sugar. 

But if you want your kitchen to look like the Kardashians, then you should fill your jars with stacked Oreo or chocolate chip cookies. 

Glass Jars for Kitchen Storage

With this idea, you’ll get a two-for-one deal. Because glass jars already provide extra storage, it makes great home decor too!

Glass Jars for Holiday Decor

And speaking of decor, this idea is super creative and festive. It’s an elevated approach to your typical snow globe with DIY gingerbread houses you’ll actually want to display — not eat! 

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In my house, I plan to keep it super simple and just use glass jars on my countertops for flour and sugar, and also in my laundry room for laundry products.

How will you use your glass jars?!

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