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The Absolute Best Fridge Organization Ideas

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Organizing a fridge doesn’t take too long and it’s a fun project that can make a world of difference. Here are the best fridge organization ideas all in one place!

We’ll talk about how to maximize the space you have and how to make it beautiful + functional for your whole family.

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Use Clear Bins

Nobody wants to throw money down the drain but you probably are if you’re letting food go to waste. Using clear bins in your fridge will help you see what you have, so you can utilize it before it goes bad. 

You can find fridge organization bins here on Amazon. 

Store Wine Properly

Wine is best stored in your fridge horizontally rather than vertically, but it doesn’t have to take over your fridge. These clever bins will help you save space while keeping your wine as fresh as possible. 

You can find stackable wine storage racks here on Amazon. 

Label Your Bins

Labeling your bins is a good way to help yourself and others stay organized. No more guessing where things are supposed to go!

You can find the label maker I recommend here on Amazon. 

Make Beverages Visible

When you’re restocking your fridge each week, make it a habit to remove your favorite drinks from original packaging so anyone can grab and go.  

You can find beverage holders here on Amazon. 

Add A Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is perfect for making things like condiments easy to find that might otherwise just get shoved in the back of the fridge. 

You can find the perfect Lazy Susan for your fridge or pantry here on Amazon.

Hopefully, these ideas got you feeling inspired. When is the last time you cleaned out and organized your fridge?

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