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5 Things Around The House To Do Now For Fall

Hello September! The first day of Fall is only a few weeks away. The closer we get the more excited I become! 

Every year, I look forward to cooler weather, Fall festivities, and the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks — yum! 

As we transition from summer to fall, there are some things I’m doing right now to get ready. 

Once these things are done and out the way, I have more time on my hands to enjoy the Fall season, which is important because we’ve got pumpkins to pick, colorful leaves to see, and hay rides to hop on! 


Here are five things around your house to do now for Fall:

1) Deep Clean & Declutter 

I actually started doing this mid-August right before back to school. Things like decluttering my kids’ closets, deep cleaning behind the stove, and dusting vents.

With deep cleaning out the way, it makes decorating much more fun! 

2) Wash Your Front Porch 

During the summer months, front porches collect dirt and cobwebs. If you plan to decorate your front porch for Fall (of course you do!) now is the perfect time to power wash it and toss your old decor. 

3) Add Pumpkins to Your Decor 

Your Fall decor doesn’t have to look like you bought everything inside Homegoods. Adding a few pumpkins here and there to your existing decor is a simple way to usher Fall into your home. Less is more! 

4) Buy A Fall Throw Pillow

If throw pillows are your thing, grab one to two Fall pillows to add to your sofa. I found this pumpkin pillow at Target for $5!

I also recommend buying IKEA’s $6 pillow inserts and using pillow covers to match your seasonal throws. It’s a cheaper and minimal approach to decorating for every season! 

5) Cozy Up Your Home With Scented Candles 

Add scented candles…everywhere! Scent is a huge trigger for memories. Use this to your advantage to evoke the feeling of fall in your home.

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Do these five things now and your home will be ready for the first day of Fall! 

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