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10 Simple Poolside Snack Ideas For Your Kids

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The sun is shining and summer is here! My boys are asking every day when we’re going swimming now that school is out.

The first few times we went to the pool last summer, I had a hard time figuring out what snacks to pack. 

Some of the items either got squished, or melted, or went bad too quickly. 

This year, though, I finally have a list of go-to pool snack ideas that keep their tummies happy and energy high! 

Today, I’m giving you all a list of ten simple, yummy & healthy pool snacks ideas for kids. But they’re great for the whole family too!

You’ll want to pack these in your pool bag the next time you go swimming. And if you plan to visit the pool as a family a lot this summer, it might be worth buying in bulk.

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Pool Snack Ideas For Kids

#1 Granola Bars

Grab the chocolate-chip granolas to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

#2 String Cheese 

My kids love these. And they’re a good source of protein too. 

#3 Organic Grapes & Berries

Put some in a reusable snack bag. Bring enough for the whole family! 

#4 Organic Carrots & Cucumber Slices

My kids are so picky but these veggies they actually love. 

#5 Cuties (mandarins)

My favorite summer snack because they’re easier to peel than oranges and a lot smaller too. 

#6 Cheez-Its 

You can buy them as prepackaged snacks or grab a family size box and separate into your own snack-size baggies. 

#7 Mess-Free Apple Sauce

GoGo Squeez is my favorite for on the go because no spoons are required!

#8 Trail Mix

A sweet & salty treat for the win! If nobody else eats them I know I will. 

#9 Fruit Snacks

This is kind of an end-of-day snack. My kids get enough of these throughout the week, so I try to give them everything else first.  

#10 Mini Gatorade

I always grab the 12 ounce bottles because they fit easily in a small insulated bag or cooler. Staying hydrated is important when you’re spending the day at the pool!

Pool Snacks Made Easy

What I love most about these pool snack ideas is that they’re mess-free and as healthy as possible! When I pack these simple snacks, I walk into the pool feeling prepared and super organized.

I recommend reusable ziplock bags because they’re space-saving and will fit nicely inside of any beach bag (this one is in my Amazon cart right now!).

Also, when we go to the pool, I try not bring a cooler in with us. But for long days, a cooler backpack or insulated bag works great.

Don’t forget your hand sanitizer too for getting hands clean before snacking.

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