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Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas On A Budget

I was honestly trying to avoid having a party at first, but ended up giving in anyway. 

And I’m so glad I did! 

We kept it small. Only celebrating mostly as a family, but it pushed me to get creative and step up my party-decorating game. 

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I really wanted a balloon garland. I just love how they look at parties and events, so I made this a DIY project to save money.

I found this kindergarten graduation decorating kit on Amazon which included a banner, balloons, ribbon, garland supplies, and a cake topper.

The cake came from Kroger which matched our colorful theme perfectly. It was yellow with buttercream icing and soooo delicious for only $15!!!

I had to order an electric balloon pump too because I was not about to blow these up myself.

I was so happy with the way this wall came together for it to be my first balloon garland! I think I’m gonna make these for every holiday/celebration we host.

It creates the perfect backdrop for family photos.

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I was also super excited to create a themed snack station for the kiddos. And I used these chalkboard labels to bring it all together!

Then for dinner, we were about to grill burgers and hot dogs with chips, but decided to order six extra large pizzas from a locally owned restaurant instead.

It actually turned out to be a little cheaper, faster, and made cleaning up a breeze!


We took the party outdoors! I checked the weather beforehand and knew it would be over 80 degrees, so I grabbed this $30 slip-and-slide from Walmart and a few water guns.

We also had water balloons. Bunch-O-Balloons is our favorite brand because you can fill 100 balloons in about 5 minutes! And they’re biodegradable which is better for the environment.

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I hope our kindergarten graduation party gave you some ideas for your own!

I tried to keep things as simple, but still fun and memorable as possible, on a budget.

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