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4 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Feel Special With No Party

Skip big birthday parties and try these ideas for your kids instead.

So many moms are buying birthday and Christmas gifts in December. I am one of them. 

My second child was born on December 13th — two weeks before Christmas. I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t always done the greatest job at making him feel special. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the Christmas chaos and forget to make his December birthday a big deal. 

I never want my son to feel like he has to wait for Christmas to receive gifts, or worse, to not be celebrated at all. 

This year, for his 8th birthday, I planned ahead to make sure his day was filled with joy without throwing a big party.

Feel free to use these kids birthday ideas if you want them to feel extra special with no party whether your child was born in December or not!

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Bring Treats To School

I haven’t been able to do this in a while due to the pandemic and them virtually learning from home. Josiah was so surprised when I got to his class with pre-packaged Little Debbie birthday cakes.

I couldn’t bring in cupcakes like I did when my oldest son was in elementary school because the pandemic changed a lot of rules. So I suggest reaching out to your child’s teacher in advance versus just popping up — ask what you can bring and the best time to bring it! 

Decorate Your Home

I decorate my kitchen whether we’re having a party or not! I feel like it’s such a simple and thoughtful way to make your child’s birthday feel extra special. 

And with Josiah’s birthday being in December, I was not going to let my holiday decor stop me from blowing up a few balloons. 

I used a helium tank and an electric balloon pump to get the job done. He was so surprised when he got home from school!

Let Your Child Choose Dinner

Every child has a favorite meal! Josiah’s favorite is tacos and pizza. Since his birthday was on a Tuesday this year, we went with tacos and I made a taco bar!

It was quick, inexpensive, and it turned into an intimate party! 

His grandparents on both sides, plus my sister, and one of my best friends with her daughter all came over for cake and tacos, and they all left by 9pm. I’m so glad we didn’t wait for the weekend to celebrate with him because it was such a fun night! 

Here’s what I recommend for a kids birthday: either have a themed dinner and make enough food for a small gathering, or go out to dinner as a family and invite others to join you! 

Get Out The House 

Sometimes your child doesn’t want to sit at home on their birthday and that’s okay too! If you have a December baby like me, there are lots of indoor birthday activities to do on the weekends and after school such as bowling, trampoline parks, arcades or ice skating.

Ice skating is a fun family activity to do all winter long. Plus, on the weekdays the rink isn’t as busy so there’ll be plenty of room on the ice in case you aren’t the best skater. 

No matter what activity your child decides to do on their birthday, you should call ahead to ask about specials. 

At the end of the day, I asked Josiah if he enjoyed his birthday. He told me that he felt special and loved, so it’s safe to say I nailed it…without booking a big ole’ birthday party!

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