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How to Get Motivated to Clean When You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

I once read somewhere that cleaning your house while raising kids is like trying to shovel the driveway while it’s snowing. 

Basically, keeping a clean home feels impossible at this stage in life, and I couldn’t agree more. 

I love a clean home. When my house is clean I am my best self! Even research has found that a clean home can have a number of positive effects on your mental health.

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So everything I’m sharing with you today is things I do to help me get up and start cleaning when I absolutely don’t feel like it. 

How to Get Motivated to Clean When You Don’t Feel Like Cleaning

These tips work all the time whether I have low energy, feel overwhelmed, or am completely paralyzed by mess.

Level 1: Set A Timer

Start with five minutes. Pick one area and choose a single task. 

Toys all over the living room? Shoes overflowing in the entryway? Mail taking over your kitchen table? 

Setting a five-minute timer will give you the initial motivation you need to just get up and take care of it. After that, your adrenaline should kick in. 

As you begin to put things back where they belong and you’ll feel so much better and may even find another 5 minutes to tackle another. 

I call this the Cleaning Snowball Effect. Five minutes turn into ten, and ten minutes turn into fifteen. Before you know it, your entire kitchen, or bedroom, or living room is cleaned!  

Level 2: Turn On Some Music

Music is so powerful that it changes the way I see cleaning. When I’m listening to music, cleaning isn’t a chore anymore, it’s cardio. 

It gets my heart pumping, positive energy flowing, and if I’m not careful I’ll do more dancing than cleaning ????

So whether I’m motivated or not, I hardly ever clean without listening to music. This trick works so well it’s also how I get my kids to clean up (mostly) unsupervised. #momwin ????????

Level 3: Light A Candle (or two!)

Another way I trick myself into cleaning is by lighting a few candles in the space that needs cleaned. Something about lighting a candle really puts me into cleaning mode. 

When I light a candle, I want my home to be clean which makes me want to start cleaning. That flickering flame sets the tone. 

I’m not OCD, but I promise you, I cannot have a candle burning in a dirty home. It’s like trying to be hot and cold at the same time…impossible.

Level 4: Invite Someone Over

There’s been several times my heart dropped at the sound of unexpected guests standing on the porch begging to come in while my house was in chaos and smelling like stinky trash.

Can you relate?

Instead of waiting to be embarrassed again, actually, extend an invitation. Invite someone you’re not comfortable with seeing your home in a complete disaster. 

We all have those certain people in our lives who we’re afraid will judge us for the way our home looks. Use them as motivation to start cleaning again.

Level 5: Watch Other People Clean

When setting a timer, turning on music, lighting a candle, or inviting someone over still doesn’t work (aka they can’t make it), then this tip will definitely do the trick. 

If you head to YouTube and type into the search bar “Clean With Me” you’re gonna find a ton of women (mostly moms) tackling everyday messes and cleaning areas often we forget about. 

Until recently I had no idea this was even a thing. And I know it may sound weird to most people, but it’s actually quite satisfying, inspiring, and super motivating to watch.

In fact, even on my YouTube channel, I have plenty of these Clean With Me type videos! All with the goal to inspire you to clean when you don’t feel like cleaning. 

Don’t watch just one video. Watch as many as you need to until you feel inspired to do something about your own mess.  

Because you’re not alone, friend. There’s a whole lot of us out here trying to keep our homes clean.

You Can Do It!

Having a clean house with kids is possible. You may just have to lower your expectations a bit, here’s why: 

Our homes are made for living. 

That means countertops will get covered. Dust will accumulate. The laundry is going to pile up. It just is what it is — embrace it!

I used to feel helpless about that but now I am ready for it. I have stronger routines and systems in place that make my home easier to clean, not always clean, so I am good with that.

I hope that by now you feel some extra cleaning motivation! Let me know if any of these tips help you.

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