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What To Do When You Hate Meal Planning

Here’s how to take weekly meal planning completely OFF of your plate!

Meal planning is tough, I know. Because most of the time, it’s just so hard to keep up with.

You’ve got to set aside uninterrupted time to plan, think of dinner ideas, find recipes for them, then put together a menu, make a grocery list, and finally go shopping.

It’s a lot of work. And it all can be mentally draining. That’s why a lot of mamas quit. Or they don’t even get started.

And that breaks my heart, but I understand it because I’ve been there. But I can PROMISE you this: the time you invest into meal planning WILL pay off—especially when you can check your bank account and see that you didn’t blow all of your money on pizza.

But what if you’re just tired of planning every week? Or your kids hate everything you cook? Or worse, everyone is just sick of eating the same things?

I know exactly how that feels, mama. There is only one solution I’ve found to save my sanity AND my budget.

The secret is using a service that’ll plan all of your meals for you!

Because if your weekly meal planning routine is falling apart, you can’t afford to wing it every night if you’re living on a budget.

So here’s what I recommend…

It’s the $5 Meal Plan and I LOVE it! Because every Friday I get an entire week of meals that are planned FOR me, for my entire family, and is delivered straight to my inbox!

My pre-made meal plans arrive as a PDF attachment inside the email notification, which makes it super easy for printing at home. Then, all I have to do is go grocery shopping! (Yaaaas!!)

So what is the $5 Meal Plan?

To put it simply, the $5 Meal Plan is a subscription service that provides you with pre-made meal plans every week and is delivered straight to your inbox on Fridays.

It costs only $5/month and includes a menu, plus a shopping list!

$5 Meal Plan Review: Is It Worth It?

Here’s what you get:

  • Five dinner entrees with sides – one freezer-friendly, one slow cooker, and one 20-minute meal.
  • One lunch and one breakfast
  • A random goodie – sometimes it’s a dessert, beverage, or a snack!

So, with the hard work of planning done for you, all YOU have to do is buy the ingredients and cook the meals!

Plus, you can totally customize your meal plans to meet any dietary or picky-eater needs.

It’s okay to let someone else do the planning for you.

When I found the $5 Meal Plan, it was a LIFEsaver! I found easy dinner recipes like Italian Pork Chops that helped me feed my family for 5 (now 6!) for $50/week!!! That’s insane.

And I’m still using it because I love all of the affordable meal ideas and recipes that I get for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert—meals that I know won’t cost me an arm and a leg and aren’t too complicated for me to cook.

So adding the $5 Meal Plan to my meal planning strategy was definitely worth it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time and stress I’m saving planning dinner.

For one, you get a shopping list with each meal plan so you will know the ingredients you need for every recipe. Second, you can cook ahead if you have a crockpot or you can plan to cook less often too. Just double ingredients for easy leftovers.

And third, you will get to try new recipes!

That was a big deal for me because I’m not the greatest cook. I was definitely a spaghetti, taco, sloppy joe-making kind of mom. So using the $5 Meal Plan helped me expand our menu and improve my cooking skills—I started enjoying being in my kitchen more and more almost right away!

$5 Meal Plan Review: Is It Worth It?

Some new recipes we’ve tried (and LOVE!) include:

  • Ginger Peach Salmon
  • Slow Cooker Caribbean Chicken
  • 20-Minute Spinach Lasagna Skillet Dinner (I didn’t even know you could make lasagna in a skillet!)
  • Pineapple BBQ Pork Chops
  • Baked Cinnamon Apples With Pecans (YUM!!!)
  • …and so many more!

But, if you don’t like the meal ideas they send you (there’s plenty more in your member’s library), then you can always customize your weekly meal plan to fit your family’s own tastes and preferences—they even have a gluten-free weekly meal plan!

You can sign to try the $5 Meal Plan for FREE here.

But is the $5 Meal Plan worth it?

The truth is, you’re going to run out of dinner ideas and your family is going to get tired of eating spaghetti and sloppy joes.

It’s okay. It happens to ALL of us. That’s just part of the journey.

The $5 Meal Plan is intended to SAVE you more time (and money) than you’re spending right now creating a menu and finding budget-friendly recipes to feed your family.

Erin does the work for you! She created the $5 Meal Plan with your grocery budget in mind so you can take back your Sunday evenings and spend that time with your family instead.

Another great thing about being a member is that you get instant access to a TON of her previous meal plans—there are literally hundreds of easy & cheap dinner ideas just waiting for you!

All you have to do sign up to try it for two weeks FREE!

So if you’re struggling to create a meal plan on your own, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to join the $5 Meal Plan for free!

Then, after your two-week trial ends, it’s just $5/month to continue receiving customized meal plans with easy recipes that ANY mom can make, plus detailed shopping lists with simple ingredients! I know you’re going to love it!

Sign up here to get your first two weeks FREE and let me know what you think!

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