This Easy American Flag Fruit Cake Is The Perfect Patriotic Dessert

Hey, friends! I’ve got the easiest red, white, and blue dessert to share with you today.

It’s an American Flag Fruit Cake iced with whipped topping making it the perfect patriotic dessert to serve at a Memorial Day or July 4th party this summer!

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American Flag Fruit Cake Ingredients 

  • 9 x 13 Baking Dish
  • 1 box Vanilla Cake Mix
  • Fresh Blueberries 
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • 8 oz Whipped Topping 

I topped my American Flag Fruit Cake with blueberries and sliced strawberries, but raspberries will work well too! It all comes down to preference. 

Is whipped topping the same as whipped cream?

No, it is not! Whipped topping tastes a little different from whipped cream. It’s creamer, sweeter, and melts in your mouth!

Whipped topping is also sold frozen and needs to be thawed in the fridge for four hours before using it for best results, so you’ll want to plan ahead. 

I thawed my whipped topping in the fridge the night before I baked this cake!

Whether you buy the name brand whipped topping or grab the store brand doesn’t really matter. I purchased Walmart’s Great Value whipped topping because it’s one dollar cheaper than Cool Whip and still tastes great!

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How to Make A Red, White, & Blue Flag Fruit Cake Easily 

Grab a box of your favorite vanilla cake mix and bake according to the instructions.

I always use Betty Crocker cake mixes because they turn out so moist and delicious. 

After removing the cake from the oven, allow it to cool completely for about 2-3 hours. 

Using a silicone spatula, spread a few thin layers of thawed whipped topping over the cake.

Short on time? Grab a store-bought cake instead, remove all the icing and replace with whipped topping!

Assemble the fruit flag using blueberries for stars and strawberries for stripes!

Serve immediately or cover with plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge to keep the whipped topping from melting until you’re ready. 

Any leftover cake should be kept in the fridge for up to two days.

The Perfect Patriotic Dessert

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